Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday Goal: Week One

Write a weekly blog post, including:
1. A new goal for the coming week.
2. A review of my successes (and failures!) in working towards goals from each previous week.

OK, so you might think I'm cheating with this one - if I'm keeping this blog to keep track of my Sunday goals, obviously I'm intending to keep track of them here! But that's the thing - it's an intention. And I think my last post gave you a sense of how I do with "intentions." But if I make this a goal, suddenly it's a tangible thing I need to achieve and I can check it off my list. So, voila! I make this a goal and suddenly I'm that much more likely to actually follow through.

In thinking about whether this warranted "Sunday Goal" status, I was also thinking about the overarching goals of this whole project - to choose a small change, each week, that I think is going to make my life better. I think that making and using these Sunday Goals will be a way that I can make real, positive changes in my life - and that talking about the process here will help me do so. That was my rationalization, at least.

And so Week 1 begins!

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